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From the Beginning

Forsberg Racing started in 1968 when Richard's neighbor Ralph Clay gave Richard his old hard top.   Ralph bought a new car and because Richard had worked on the car as a teenager he gave it to him and Forsberg Racing was created!   Richard began racing at the Auburn Raceway where he was able to win a main event in his first year.  By 1970 Richard moved onto modified's on the pavement at Roseville Speedway.  After a couple seasons on the pavement, Richard built a super modified and began racing at the super-competitive 1/4 mile clay oval West Capital Raceway.  By 1977 Richard won his first main event at West Capital and became one of the top competitors at the track.  In 1978 Richard lost the closest point race in the history of West Capital, loosing by 1 point on the final night.  After the closing of West Capital in 1979 Richard moved onto sprint cars with NARC.  In his first NARC race Richard ran 2nd, finishing in a car that had no brakes or power steering.   It took Richard until 1981 to win his first Sprint Car race.  He won a Red-Line Oil/Golden State Challenge race at the Calistoga Speedway and, at the time, it was the highest paying race in NARC history.  Richard finished a career best 3rd in NARC points in 1984, but Forsberg Racing 410 days were numbered.  After the introduction of wings to the Calistoga Speedway in 1986, it was obvious that Forsberg Racing no longer had the budget to compete with NARC.  Richard sat out half of 1986 and all of 1987 racing season.  In 1988 Grass Valley started a 360 division for sprint cars.  Richard gave a 19 year old, Tony Borello, the job of building him an engine.  The combination worked as Richard won the first ever 360 race at Grass Valley and won a total of 3 times in only 12 races in which Forsberg Racing competed.  The 360's are what eventually lead to Richard's son, Andy's driving career in 1994.  For 6 seasons Forsberg Racing fine tuned the youngster's skills until they developed a 2000 season that saw the team win two championships, 7 races and had a driver that was ranked 15th in the Nation.  In 2001 the team repeated as the Civil War Champions.  In 2003 Andy was hired to drive the Florie Filipich owned, Family Auto Service No. 98x for the Golden State Challenge "King of California" Series.  Andy won his first GSC race in 2003 and in 2004 he won three races on the GSC tour and lost the championship by 12 points. Throughout 2003, 2004 and 2005 Andy continued to drive the A&A Motorsports #92 at Chico 410 shows and various 360 races winning races in both divisions.  In 2006, Andy drove the A&A Motorsports #92 full time and had the best season of his career, winning the 410 Championship at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA and his third Civil War Championship.  The team won 12 races in 44 tries and Andy was rank 6th in the Nation for 360 drivers.  In 2007 won his 4th Civil War Championship and in 2008 won his 2nd 410 championship at Chico.  In 2009 Andy won his 1st career main event at the Historical Calistoga 1/2 mile, make Andy and his dad Richard the 2nd father/son duo to be feature winners at the famed race track (Kevin and Sammy Swindell were the first). At the end of the decade Andy was named 360 driver of the decade by Handy Racing Promotions as well as 5th for the decade for 410 drivers.

Throughout his career, Andy has won 174 feature events at the Placerville Speedway in Placerville, CA, Marysville Raceway Park in Marysville, CA, Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA, Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA, Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA, the Half Mile Dirt Calistoga Speedway in Calistoga, CA, Santa Maria Speedway in Santa Maria, CA, Siskiyou Motor Speedway in Yreka, CA, Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA, Petaluma Speedway in Petaluma, CA and Cottage Grove Speedway in Cottage Grove, OR.  Andy has won races with the Golden State Challenge Series, Civil War Series, Northern Sprint Tour Series, Sprint Car Racing Association, Hanford Bandit Series and the Trophy Cup, Andy has won with and without a wing showing his diversity as a driver and he is the only 5 time Civil War Champion.


2000: 360 Placerville Speedway and 360 Civil War Championships.

2001: 360 Civil War Championship.

2004: runner up with the 410 Golden State Challenge Series.

2006: 410 Silver Dollar Speedway and 360 Civil War Championships.

2007: 360 Civil War Champion, Motorsports Press Association Open Wheel Driver of the Year.

2008: 410 Silver Dollar Speedway Champion.

2009: 10 Feature wins including the Calistoga Cup and opening night to the Trophy Cup.

2010: 7 Feature wins, Placerville Speedway and Civil War Series Championships.

2011: 13 Feature wins, Placerville Speedway and Civil War Series Championships.

2012: 11 Feature wins, Placerville Speedway and Civil War Series Championships.

2013: 12 Feature wins and Championships at Placerville Speedway, Hot Coats Powder Coating Challenge Series and Norcal Champion Sprints.

2014: 10 Feature wins with 16 Dash/Heat Race wins and 6 Fast Times.

2015: 11 Feature wins with 2 Dash, 18 Heat Race wins and 10 Fast Times. 8th Civil War Series Championship.

2016: 13 Feature wins with 2 Dash, 11 Heat Race wins, 12 Fast Times, 37 Top 5's, 45 Top 10's, with 14 Rain Outs and his 9th Civil War Series Championship.

2017: 7 Feature wins with 1 Dash, 11 Heat Race wins, 10 Fast Times, 24 Top 5's, 33 Top 10's, with 4 Rain Outs and his 10th Civil War Series Championship & his 3rd SDS 410 Track Championship.

2018: 14 Feature wins with 1 Dash, 8 Heat Race wins, 13 Fast Times, 30 Top 5's, 40 Top 10's, with 9 Rain Outs and his 6th Placerville Track Championship & his 4th SDS Track Championship. He now has 20 Driving Championships.

2019: 14 Feature wins with 1 Dash, 9 Heat Race wins, 14 Fast Times, 32 Top 5's, 39 Top 10's, with 10 Rain Outs and his 7th Placerville Track Championship. He now has 21 Driving Championships.

2020: 4 Feature wins with 1 Dash, 8 Heat Race wins, 12 Fast Times, 18 Top 5's, 29 Top 10's, with 3 Rain Outs and 45 Races Cancelled due to the virus. He did pick up the Marysville Track Championship and now has 22 Driving Championships.

2021: 10 Feature wins with 2 Dash, 13 Heat Race wins, 8 Fast Times, 23 Top 5's, 32 Top 10's, with 1 Rain Out. He picked up his 8th Placerville Track Championship and his 1st a Petaluma Speedway. This brings him to 24 Driving Championships.

2022: 4 Feature wins with 3 Dash, 11 Heat Race wins, 13 Fast Times, 15 Top 5's, 23 Top 10's, with 6 Rain Out/Fire Camp. He picked up his 9th Placerville Track Championship and his 1st Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT) Championship. This brings him to 26 Driving Championships.

The 2023 season will see Andy run the Forsberg Family 92 in both the 360 & 410 classes. He will be running all of the Events at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA and will fill in his schedule with races at Placerville Speedway, Petaluma Speedway, NARC & SCCT Events.

Please check out the Schedule page to see where he is racing.

Andy's Win's by Car's & Track's

  Car # - Motor =>

Track, City, State below

Forsberg 92 Winged


Forsberg 92 Non-wing


Forsberg 92 Winged ASCS 360

A&A 92 Winged


Fillipich  98x Winged


Fillipich  98x Winged


Autism Awareness 47 Winged


F&F x1 Winged


F&F x1 Winged

ASCS 360

PT Shocks

7c / 01


360 ASCS

Sierra Gear & Axle #61

 Mini Truck


Placerville Speedway Placerville, CA

32   1     1 1 28 2 3 1 68/1  

Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA

14   1 28 1   2 5 1 5   57  

Marysville Raceway Park Marysville, CA

15   5         3   4   27  

Petaluma Speedway Petaluma, CA

6 1 1       2 5   11 / 1   27  

Ocean Speedway

Watsonville, CA

1                 3 / 1   5  

Kings Speedway

Hanford, CA

  1     2             3  

Thunderbowl Raceway

Tulare, CA

1 1                   2  

Calistoga Speedway Calistoga, CA

1             1       2  

Santa Maria Speedway

Santa Maria, CA

        1             1  

American Valley Speedway Quincy, CA

              1       1  

Siskiyou Motor Speedway Yreka, CA


Stockton Dirt Track

Stockton, CA














Cottage Grove Speedway Cottage Grove, OR

1                     1  

Southern Oregon Speedway Medford, OR

                  0 / 1   1  
Total Wins 72 3 8 28 4 1 5 43 3 33 1 199/1  
Latest Update:                          
8/3/22         Total Win's 199  

Mini Truck Win's

1     ęBoozrcn