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Tuesday September 17, 2019 11:35am (Auburn, CA)

From The Grandstand by Ron Rodda

Mr. Excitement Still Has It

Lincoln, CA…Auburn sprint car driver, Andy Forsberg, has Mr. Excitement emblazoned on the trailer when he runs his own equipment.  Despite being a  older man for this sport at age 43, Forsberg still has championship skills and an occasional dose of excitement to justify the trailer markings.

Saturday night Placerville Speedway closed their point season with a four division show that drew a strong 34 car field of winged 360s.  Forsberg started the night 12 points ahead of 19 year old Kaleb Henry in the race for the track title.  When the night was over, Forsberg had his 6th Placerville win this season, 65th career win at the foothill quarter, and his 7th title.

Seven titles anywhere is impressive but Forsberg’s total is now 21 championships, between tracks and the Civil War sprint series. 

He regularly has to compete with drivers less than half his age and Kaleb Henry’s strong season put the driver with less than half the candles on his cake compared to Forsberg in a position to take the title.

But things started to not work for the younger championship hopeful when Forsberg set quick time, adding 5 points to his lead, and tacked on one more in heat race action.  Heading into the point season ending 25 lap main, Henry winning would mean Forsberg needed at least a 9th to win the title.

Driving the F and F Racing Alan Bradway and Steve Tuccelli owned X1, Forsberg left no doubt as to the point outcome, passing 16 year old Jodie Robinson on lap 19 for the win and track title number 7.

As if that wasn’t enough, Forsberg strapped into a mini-truck for the first time ever and won that main, racing clockwise for the first time in his career.  The mini-truck class at Placerville brought 11 trucks, probably the most ever, and that class is always entertaining.  Racing in the reverse direction adds to the fun and the number of entrants seems just right to have a quickly run support class.

The youth element in Northern California sprint car racing is more apparent than ever.  With micro sprints and outlaw karts producing teenagers with talent, the list of young sprint car drivers grows yearly.  While California watches some of that youthful skill relocate to points east, it seems the departures are replaced by new teenage talent.

Placerville had a good season and missed the early season rainouts, making it possible to run every race.  Last week’s World of Outlaw show was rescheduled from March, keeping the track from losing any shows.

It comes to an end for 2019 this coming Friday and Saturday when the two night NorCal Posse Shootout takes place with winged 360s and BCRA midget lites.  Last year over 40 sprints and more than 30 midget lites raced for substantially increased purses.  The weather outlook is excellent and the Shootout will be a wonderful way to close the season at the popular foothill quarter.

Last year sprint car wins at the Shootout went to Kyle Hirst and Sean Becker.

And neither one is a teenager!

Win #11 & Championship #21  

Monday September 16, 2019 10:09am

From the Office of Forsberg Racing

     On Wednesday September 11th Andy and the A&A Stepping Stone #92 headed to Placerville, CA for a World of Outlaw race. Andy was 23rd quick, went from 8th to 5th in his heat race and finished with a 12th place finish in the A main event. A disappointing run with the outlaws in 3 nights with them. 

     On Saturday September 14th Andy and the F&F X1 were in Placerville, CA for the 2019 season points finale. Andy and the F&F X1 went into the final night with a 12-point lead over Kalib Henry.  Andy set quick time out of 34 cars giving him another 5 points and went from 4th to 2nd in his heat race giving him another 4 points, Kalib picked up 2 points in his heat race so going into the A main event Andy had a 19 point lead going into the A main event.  Andy started 3rd in the A and went into the final race knowing he just needed to finish in front of Kalib Henry to get his 21st championship.  As the race progressed Andy knew he had a winning car and on a lap 18 restart Andy made the winning pass to claim his 11th main event win in 2019 and clinched his 7th Placerville track championship and his 21st overall drivers championship, Andy also made his debut in the Placerville mini truck division starting 6th in his heat race and finishing 2nd and started on the pole of the A main event. Andy was concerned as to how this may play out as the mini truck A main was run going backwards on the track, but after a few laps Andy looked like a veteran and would win his first mini truck race in just his first ever start. 

This upcoming weekend on Friday September 20th and Saturday September 21st Andy and the F&F X1 head back to Placerville CA for the 2 day Posse Challenge. 

  We would like to thank all the crew members, sponsors, family and friends for a great season.  Andy is successful because he is lucky to have a spectacular group of people that work hard to give him the best equipment and support each and every week.  All of the success Andy has achieved just would not be possible with out each and every crew member working hard each and every night to get the car on the race track. The sponsors that give all they can to give him the best equipment to run and to our race family that support him each and every week.  Andy appreciates each and every individual for the time, hard work and support. 



Andy Forsberg Wins Both the Battle and the War; Claims 2019 Placerville Speedway Track Championship 

PETERSEN MEDIA- Andy Forsberg put an exclamation point on the 2019 point season at Placerville Speedway on Saturday night. Heading into the night with a mere 12 point lead in the season long championship hunt, Forsberg will be dominant all night long as he earned quick time honors and won the 25-lap feature event to claim his 7th career driving title at the speedway he as called home for so many years.

“Coming into the night chasing the title, you tell yourself to mind your manners and focus on the big picture,” Forsberg said. “My guys gave me too good of a car and I had to go for it. The year we had with some issues and torn up equipment, it feels pretty cool to get this win and this title for the F&F Racing guys.”

With a robust 34 cars swarming the pit area on Saturday night, Forsberg would pick up 5 bonus points early as he earned quick time honors aboard the Econo Lube n Tune and Brakes/Geico Local Office/PitStopUSA backed No. x1 machine.

In by far the wildest heat race of the night that saw a couple of incidents, Forsberg would keep his nose clean, avoid some harm and pick up a second place finish moving into the feature event.

By way of Jimmy Wall’s three pill, AF would grid the field from the third position in the final feature event of the point season at Placerville Speedway. When things came to life, it was Jodie Robinson getting the early jump as Forsberg moved into second.

In a fast paced feature event, Forsberg would keep the youngster in his sights, and on the 18th lap while battling in traffic, would pull in front to take the lead but the yellow flew and negated his pass.

Forsberg would not be denied on this night however, as the ensuring restart saw him ride the thick Placerville Speedway cushion to the point, and he never looked back. Cruising to the win, Forsberg won both the battle and the war as his F&F Racing team celebrated on the front stretch in grand style.

“Big thanks to these guys for continuing to work so hard on this car week in and week out,” Forsberg said. “Great to win the race and the title, and hopefully we can come out this week and win the Nor*Cal Posse Shootout.”

F&F Racing and Andy Forsberg would like to thank Econo Lube-n-Tune and Brakes, Geico Local Office, PitStopUSA, Lucas Oil, Pacific Highway Rentals, Autism Awareness, FVP, and CRV Carbon Solutions for their support in 2019.

ON TAP: F&F Racing and Andy Forsberg will are set to return to Placerville Speedway on Friday and Saturday night for the 3rd Annual Nor*Cal Posse Shootout.  


50 Years of Forsberg Racing

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Autism Awareness Video



2019 Race Stat's
Car Starts "A" Wins "A" Top 5's "A" Top 10's "B" Wins Heat/Dash Wins Fast Time Rain Outs
x1 - 360ci 26 8 14 18 1 5/0 6 3
92 - 360ci 13 1 8 10 0 3/3 5 6
92 - 410ci 7 0 3 3 0 0/1 2 1
61 - Mini Truck 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 47 12 26 32 1 8/4 13 10
Latest Update:                
9/17/2019               ©Boozrcn




    Placerville Speedway Top 5           Silver Dollar Speedway Top 5
    Unofficial Points after Race #14           Unofficial Points after Race #9
    Pos Driver Points           Pos Driver Points

Andy Forsberg  x1


2260           1

Sean Becker 75/63

missed 1 race

Driver Champion

    2 Kalib Henry 93/17/5j 2248           2

Andy Forsberg 92

missed 1 race

Owner Champion

    3 Bobby McMahan 25 2185           3 Kyle Offill 2k 2141
    4 Mike Benson 77 2063           4

Blake Carrick 38b

missed 1 race

    5 Jodie Robinson 34 2061           5

Angelo Cornet 55a

    Latest Update:                    
    9/17/2019                   ©Boozrcn




    SCCT Top 5           Civil War Top 5
    Unofficial Points after Race #10           Unofficial Points after Race #3
    Position Driver Points           Position Driver Points
    1 Kyle Hirst 94 1908           1 Koen Shaw 88 349
    2 Tim Kaeding 42x 1891           2 Kurt Nelson 72w 339
    3 Sean Becker 88 1862           2 Blake Carrick 38b 334
    4 Kyle Offill 2k 1744           4 Joey Anacona 88a 303
    5 Tony Gualda 1677           5 Jacob Tuttle 87p 281

Andy Forsberg  92

missed 2 Races


Andy Forsberg  x1

missed 2 Races

    Latest Update:                    
    8/5/2019                   ©Boozrcn





The clip below is the Forsberg #92 run what Ya Brung event in Petaluma that Andy opted to start at the rear of the field of so as to not upset anyone do to the fact he was so much faster then the rest of the field.

Run What Ya Brung Wingless 360 Sprint Cars 2010

Highlights from September 3rd's open 360 sprint car show from Petaluma Speedway. Highlights include several incidents before the main event and main event highlights. All of the drivers involved were uninjured. Brought to you by surfnsprint.com.






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