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Latest Updates:

Thursday April 16, 2015 2:50pm (Auburn, CA)

Unofficial Civil War, Silver Dollar & Petaluma Point Standings Spread Sheet Added to this page below the Race Stat's.


Sunday April 13, 2015 3:45pm (Auburn, CA)

Race Stat's (below) & Results page.

My apologies for the late update. It frustrates me to no end when other websites (that I rely on for results and points) don't update in a timely manner. Threw no fault of anyone else but myself my internet connection failed and that led to my Late update. I believe that I have resolved the problem and hope that there are no more hiccups in the future. A big thank you to Tom at Arbo-Tech/Dirt Solution for the use of their wi-fi so I could update this website. Boo

Solid Weekend 

Monday April 13, 2015 1:39pm

From the Office of Forsberg Racing 

On Wednesday April 8th Andy and the PT Shocks 7c headed to Placerville for a World of Outlaws show.  Andy was 3rd quick out of 37 cars, ran 4th in his heat race and went from 4th to 2nd in the Dash.  Andy was suppose to start the A main event on the outside front row but unfortunately issues with the right rear tire bleeder caused Andy to get down to the track late and the Woo officials put Andy back a row.  Andy would saddle up and go for his first Woo win from the 4th position.  Andy would get a great start and immediately jump into the 2nd position and start putting pressure on leader Kyle Hirst.  On lap 21 an open red flag for injured drivers Jason Johnson and Daryn Pittman  gave Donny Schatz's crew the chance to fine tune on his car and he would get both Andy and Kyle to take the lead, Andy continued to pressure Kyle for 2nd but unfortunately he tried to hard on the white flag lap and jumped the cushion and fell back to the 7th position.  This was a bit disappointing for Andy but in reality in 2 starts with the Woo this year the volunteer teams working together for the love of racing and not as a profession have 2 top 10's and that is not bad. 

On Saturday April 11th Andy and the PT Shocks 7c headed to the famed Calistoga 1/2 mile for a 360 Civil War show.  Andy was 5th quick, won his heat race, went from 8th to 5th in the dash and would start 5th for the A main event.  Andy fell back to 6th a handful of times but would charge towards to front later in the race finishing in a 3rd place finish.

This upcoming weekend on Friday April 17th Andy will be in Chico, CA racing the A&A Stepping Stone #92 for a 410 points show. On Saturday April 18th Andy will be driving the PT Shocks 7c in Petaluma CA for a 360 points race. 

Below is a link on Facebook from Saturday's race at Calistoga







2015 Race Stat's
Car Starts "A" Wins "A" Top 5's "A" Top 10's "B" Wins Heat Wins Dash Wins Rain Outs
92 - 410ci 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
92 - 360ci                
7c - 360ci 9 3 6 6 0 2 0 0
7c - 410ci 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
7c Non-Wing                
Totals 11 3 6 8 0 1 0 0
Latest Update:                
4/10/2015               ©Boozrcn




    Unofficial 2015 CA Civil War Top 5 Point Standings
    Straight Up Standings   Standings Minus Mulligan Night
    Pos Driver Points   Pos Driver Points
    1 Bradley Terrell 516   1 Shane Golobic 360
    2 Justin Sanders 504   2 Bradley Terrell 352
    3 Robbie Price 493   3 Andy Forsberg 350
    4 Koen Shaw 452   4 Justin Sanders 345
    5 Kyler Shaw 446   5 Robbie Price 339
    Latest Update:            
    4/16/2015           ©Boozrcn



    Silver Dollar Speedway Top 5       Petaluma Speedway Top 5  
  Unofficial Points after Race #1       Unofficial Points after Race #2  
  Pos Driver Points           Pos Driver Points  
  1 Tanner Thorenson 52           1 Bradley Terrell 112  
  2 Johnathan Allard 51           2 Jake Haulot 96  
  3 Keith Blook/Kyle Hirst 47           3 Herman Klein 93  
  4               4 Brett Rollag 85  
  5 Sean Becker/Brad Bummgarner 46           5 Alyssa Geving 64  
  15 Andy Forsberg 10           7 Andy Forsberg 57  
  Latest Update:                      
  4/16/2015                   ©Boozrcn  




The clip below is the Forsberg #92 run what Ya Brung event in Petaluma that Andy opted to start at the rear of the field of so as to not upset anyone do to the fact he was so much faster then the rest of the field.

Run What Ya Brung Wingless 360 Sprint Cars 2010

Highlights from September 3rd's open 360 sprint car show from Petaluma Speedway. Highlights include several incidents before the main event and main event highlights. All of the drivers involved were uninjured. Brought to you by surfnsprint.com.



A&A 92

SDS Point Show

Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA




C&M 7c

Petaluma point Show

Petaluma Speedway

Petaluma, CA







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