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Latest Updates:

Wednesday February 10, 2016 11:55am (Auburn, CA)

The C&M Motorsports 7c 2016 Schedule is in. Check out the schedule page as has 44 races added to Andy's schedule.


Sunday January 3, 2016 9:30pm (Auburn, CA)

Andy adds 4 races in his own 360 car to his schedule.


Friday January 1, 2016 9:25pm (Auburn, CA)

Andy currently has 17 races in the A&A Motorsports 92 410ci on his schedule.

There will be more races added to Andy's schedule as other teams that Andy will be driving for complete their schedules and send them out.

Check out the schedule page.





2016 Race Stat's
Car Starts "A" Wins "A" Top 5's "A" Top 10's "B" Wins Heat Wins Dash Wins Rain Outs
92 - 410ci                
92 - 360ci                
7c - 360ci                

7c - 410ci

7c Non-Wing

01 - 360

121 - 360                
Latest Update:                
1/10/2016               ©Boozrcn




    Unofficial 2015 CA Civil War Top 5 Point Standings

Straight Up Standings

After Point Race #1


Standings Minus Mulligan Night

After Point Race #1

    Position Driver Points   Position Driver Points
    1       1    
    2       2    
    3       2    
    4       4    
    5       5    
    Latest Update:            
    1/10/2016           ©Boozrcn


Note: This year the CA Civil War Series has a "Mulligan Night. What this means is that each Team/Driver will throw out their lowest point night of the Season.





    Silver Dollar Speedway Top 5       Petaluma Speedway Top 5  
  Unofficial Points after Race #1       Unofficial Points after Race #1  
  Pos Driver Points           Pos Driver Points  
  1               1      
  2               2      
  3               3      
  4               4      
  5               5      
  Latest Update:                      
  1/10/2016                   ©Boozrcn  




The clip below is the Forsberg #92 run what Ya Brung event in Petaluma that Andy opted to start at the rear of the field of so as to not upset anyone do to the fact he was so much faster then the rest of the field.

Run What Ya Brung Wingless 360 Sprint Cars 2010

Highlights from September 3rd's open 360 sprint car show from Petaluma Speedway. Highlights include several incidents before the main event and main event highlights. All of the drivers involved were uninjured. Brought to you by surfnsprint.com.

February 27, 2016

C&M 7c

Toller Memorial

Marysville Raceway

Marysville, CA







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