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Quick Updates: Tuesday April 22, 2014 12:25pm (Auburn, CA)

Breaking News

Car Change for Friday at SDS

Tuesday April 22, 2014 11:55am

By Boo Brown

     This coming Friday Nights race at Silver Dollar Speedway Andy was scheduled to be in the A&A Motorsports 92 for the SDS 410 points show. After last Friday's motor problem in the heat race that ended Andy's night and most likely his shot at a 3rd SDS Championship, the damage to the motor was more extensive then originally thought. M&S Engines picked the motor up from Andy's dad, Richard, Saturday night after the Placerville race and started working on it on Monday. Two connecting rods are junk and they crank was damaged. The crank was sent out to see if it can be repaired and two new rods have been ordered. The new rods are a couple weeks out and whether the crank is repairable is still up in the air.

    The A&A Motorsports 92 is parked until the motor is done. So, with last Saturday's successful run at Placerville Speedway, Andy has teamed up again with Cody and Mandy to run the PT Shocks General Lee 01 this coming Friday at Silver Dollar Speedway. The plan is to run the General Lee until the A&A Motorsports motor is repaired and ready to race again.

Monday April 21, 2014 8:30am (Auburn, CA)

Easter Weekend

Sunday April 20, 2014 4:20pm

From the Office of Forsberg Racing

     On Friday April 18th the A&A Motorsports #92 headed to Chico, CA for the tracks 1st 410 points show of the 2014 season. Hopes were high for Andy and the A&A Team after the way they ended the 2013 season in Chico.  Even after missing 1 full night of racing last year after a scary crash sending Andy to the hospital during a heat race crash he still managed to get within 26 points of the championship. On top of that the last weekend we ran the 410 Andy ran in Chico and  had a spectacular weekend with the World of Outlaws finishing 3rd and 2nd at the Gold Cup.  The plan was to win the Chico track championship in 2014 unfortunately plans have changed.  The night started off great just like all expected, Andy set quick time out of 25 cars, he started 4th in his heat race and immediately drove to 2nd and was looking to go for the lead when the motor started to lay down and lose oil pressure.  Andy did the smart thing and shut it down before it blew up just trying to minimize any damage.  With the teams other motor currently in the shop the team was done for the night, accept for  qualifying points it was as if Andy was not even there and the 2014 410 championship is over before it even began.

     On Saturday April 19th the plan was to race in Placerville, CA with the A&A Motorsports #92 with the King of the West series, but with the motor issues Andy's 410 racing was looking bleak, that's when Cody and Mandi stepped up late Friday night and borrowed a 410 motor to run in the 01 General Lee for the King of the West Show.  This would be their first time racing a 410 in Placerville with the 01.  Andy was 11th quick out of 35 cars, won his heat race and would start and finish the dash in the 5th spot choosing his starting spot in  the A main. 

At the start of the A main event Andy would drop back a little as the lines were battling hard, but after a few laps he was in his groove and had moved up to 2nd and was chasing the very quick Rico Abreu.  On lap 12 a red flag came out bunching the field back up.  After the red Andy didn't seem quite as fast and began to struggle with the car, by the end of the race he had backed up to a 6th place finish, the crew checked the car over after the race and found a broken brake caliper causing Andy to lose partial brakes and the left rear tire had shrunk 2 inches, tires do grow and shrink during a race once in a while its not un-heard of but a 2" change was the opposite direction we needed it to go this made the car looser as the race went on, all in all it was still a very good night considering all the hurtles the 01 team jumped through to get Andy on the track at Placerville.

This upcoming weekend Friday April 25th Andy and the A&A Motorsports #92 is in limbo for Chico as we find out the motor situation.

On Saturday April 26th Andy is racing in Petaluma, CA in the F&F X1 for a Civil War Series show.

A special Thank You to Kris Brock Jones with KBJ Catering for feeding the crews this weekend it was great!!!!!



2014 Point Standings


  CA Civil War Top 5   Silver Dollar Speedway Top 5   Placerville Speedway Top 5  
    Unofficial Points after Race #1   Unofficial Points after Race #1   Unofficial Points after Race #2  
  Pos Driver Points   Pos Driver Points   Pos Driver Points  
  1 Andy Gregg 182   1 Keith Bloom/Bud Kaeding 50   1 Andy Forsberg 98  
  2 Geoff Ensign 177   3 Rico Abreu 46   2 Greg DeCaires 90  
  3 Sean Becker 176   4 RC Smith 45   3 Jimmy Trulli 88  
  4 Herman Klien 170   4 Mason Moore/Andy Gregg 45   3 Justin Sanders 88  
  4 Andy Forsberg 170   24 Andy Forsberg 10   5 Matt Peterson 87  
  Latest Update:                      
  4/21/2014                   ©Boozrcn  



2014 Race Stats


    Car #/Motor   Starts   Fast Times   A Main Wins   A Main Top 5's   A Main Top 10's   B Main Wins   Heat Wins   Rain Outs  
    x1 - 360   3   0   1   3   3   0   1   1  
    x1 - ASCS 360                                  
    92 - 360 Non-wing                                  
    92 - 410   1   1   0   0   0   0   0   1  
    01 - ASCS 360   4   0   0   0   2   1   1   2  
    01 - 410   1   0   0   0   1   0   1   0  
    Totals   9   1   1   3   6   1   3   4  
    Latest Update:                                  
    4/4/2014                               ©Boozrcn  




Career Win Chart

Andy's Win's by Car's & Track's


 Car # - Motor =>


 Track, City, State


Forsberg 92 Winged


Forsberg 92 Non-wing 360

Forsberg 92 Winged

ASCS 360

A&A 92 Winged


Fillipich  98x Winged


Fillipich  98x Winged


Autism Awareness 47 Winged


F&F x1 Winged


F&F x1 Winged

ASCS 360

PT Shocks 7c Winged

360 ASCS



 Placerville Speedway

 Placerville, CA

31   1     1 1 14 1   49  

 Silver Dollar Speedway

 Chico, CA

8     22 1   2 3   2 38  

 Marysville Raceway Park

 Marysville, CA

6             1     7  

 Petaluma Speedway

 Petaluma, CA

1 1         2 3   1 8  


 Ocean Speedway

 Watsonville, CA


1                 2 3  


 Kings Speedway

 Hanford, CA


  1     2           3  

 Thunderbowl Raceway

 Tulare, CA

1 1                 2  

 Calistoga Speedway

 Calistoga, CA

1             1     2  

 Santa Maria Speedway

 Santa Maria, CA

        1           1  

 American Valley Speedway

 Quincy, CA

              1     1  

 Siskiyou Motor Speedway

 Yreka, CA

1                   1  

 Cottage Grove Speedway

 Cottage Grove, OR

1                   1  
  Total Wins 51 3 1 22 4 1 5 23 1 5 116  
  Latest Update:                        
  4/6/2014         Total Win's 116         ©Boozrcn  



The MAXIM add on Hoseheads. 8/16/12



Andy makes the Charlotte Motor Speedway Ticket Add on Hoseheads

The picture is from the 2011 Mini Gold Cup, Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA.

From Left to right: Evan Suggs, Lucas Wolf, Donny Schatz and Andy.

Not sure why but here it is. April and May 2012



Picture From the April 30, 2011 Civil War Race at Placerville Speedway

Believe it or not, Andy was able to drive out of this and the wing never hit the ground. He headed to the pit work area where the crew changed out the left rear tire that was damaged in the incident. He came back out and finish fifth in this heat race. Awesome shot by Steve, check out the rest of his work on his website stevesracingphotos.com


The clip below is the Forsberg #92 run what Ya Brung event in Petaluma that Andy opted to start at the rear of the field of so as to not upset anyone do to the fact he was so much faster then the rest of the field.

Run What Ya Brung Wingless 360 Sprint Cars 2010

Highlights from September 3rd's open 360 sprint car show from Petaluma Speedway. Highlights include several incidents before the main event and main event highlights. All of the drivers involved were uninjured. Brought to you by surfnsprint.com.


April 25, 2014

General Lee 01

SDS #5

Chico, CA




April 26, 2014

F&F x1

Civil War #3

Petaluma, CA







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